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Pilgrim Mapping
Pilgrim Mapping
Pilgrim Mapping

Pilgrim Mapping

2012 May

– – Artist-in-Residency project including; Artists' Book, Collaborative Drawing, Posters and Ephemera...

The Pilgrim Mapping Project was an Artist-in-Residence project at the ELF in Hungary.

The central focus of this ambitious project was a site-specific drawing which worked as a discursive site and brought together stories from conference attendees.

Supporting the drawing was a specially created artists' book; 'The Pilgrim's Companion'.

Additionally, large format digital inkjet prints with quotes from diverse sources including conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth and the Boy's Companion a famous British children's book. The posters were hung in the meeting areas of the hotel.

The project was unified, or branded, with a drawing of a 'Hand Sundial', borrowed from 'The Countryman's Companion' - published in 1684. This image was used on the book, badges, posters and the wall drawing.