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Nomas* Projects

2013, Feb - Present

Contemporary Art, Dundee, Curatorial and Collaborative Experiments

February 2013: co-founded Nomas* Projects with David McCulloch.

Nomas* is an experimental, zero-budget, contemporary art gallery, discussion platform and network.

We work collaboratively with local, national and international artists and designers while developing partnerships with local arts organisations. Our aim is to bring high quality contemporary art to the city.

The project is also an opportunity to develop dialogues around new models of practice, collaboration, and examining the role of the arts, cultures and worldviews in shaping society.

Each event is closed with an artist's talk held at mcmanus.co.uk, Dundee's Art Gallery and Museum. Talks are recorded and an archive is available online at nomasprojects.org.

As of June 2014 we have organised 11 shows.

This page shows a number of my recent poster designs for Nomas* Projects.

More information is availale online at nomasprojects.org.